Opportunities are Paths to Journeys

Perhaps something unexpected has happened that has led to another direction, and perhaps it’s not one of your choosing. Things happen throughout life that we cannot change or control, so we must look for the different opportunities along the new path. Every time a new opportunity arises, it’s a path to yet another journey, andContinue reading “Opportunities are Paths to Journeys”

Alone for the Holidays?

Sometimes holidays can be difficult if we find ourselves alone watching people in the world go by enjoying themselves with family and friends. Or perhaps we are with people that make us feel alone. Either way, it’s important to remind ourselves that no matter what, the sun will rise and set each day, making itContinue reading “Alone for the Holidays?”

Manifest What Matters

With today being Black Friday, I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss manifesting. People often wish to manifest tangible things – material things – things that really don’t matter in the whole scheme of life and never bring true happiness. While it’s great to have nice things, the happiness they provide isContinue reading “Manifest What Matters”

Starting Over With a Broken Web

Have you ever worked really hard on something only to have it unexpectedly destroyed? This happens to all of us, whether it be in work, relationships, or anything else that is meaningful. Just the other day I was preparing for a local art market, working diligently on a seaglass suncatcher piece. I don’t know howContinue reading “Starting Over With a Broken Web”