How I Get Free Things

People are often surprised when I share with them the types of things I get to keep for free just by doing surveys and product reviews or testing. From cash to gift cards to everyday items, consumer product testing is a great way to get a little extra and more. It was during quarantine last year when I started to research how to do just that, and at first had a difficult time doing so. I had to sort through several websites, take tons of surveys and fill out form after form for nothing in return, until I finally narrowed down the best sites that work for me. I also learned that being patient helps, because within three months, I had things coming to me that I’d forgotten all about. 

A company may be new and giving out free samples of their items to get the word out. Sometimes you’re asked to leave a 5-star review or post a photo on social media with hashtags, etc., in exchange for the free product. Other companies may require you to purchase the item and then immediately refund you. With some, you simply don’t have to do a thing except fill out a form, which of course, is the easiest!

Lancome Idole full-sized mascara sample

I started out receiving smaller items like stickers (voting was huge last year), food items (my first was literally a packet of Heinz mayo in the mail when I was expecting a bottle – a laugh out loud moment!), and random items that were mostly causing clutter. At first, it was kind of fun getting free things, but then I realized a lot of it was useless to me, but it was quarantine, so I couldn’t even give it away. It took several tries and months to narrow down what worked. When I was asked to test name-brand beauty products, I finally breathed a sigh of relief that maybe all of my hard work was finally working for me! 

Product Test for Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

Each website is different when applying for free samples and test products. There are blogs where you can sign up for daily/weekly emails dedicated to posting links for free samples, and there are facebook groups dedicated to free stuff and giveaways. These two things are how it started the ball rolling. Once I started signing up with some sites, it branched out from there, and I was introduced to better ones. Eventually, I signed up with bigger companies that solely do product testing, and that’s when I really started to get things worthwhile. Now I actually turn things down and only sign up for things that I really want or need. If you’re new to trying for free samples, I would start by subscribing to Freebies Lovers.

Beauty product samples are abundant, because there are so many of them saturating the market. I often receive name-brand perfume/cologne samples, which I absolutely LOVE, because I get to try out things that I would have never before, AND I get to smell amazing doing it! Skin and makeup products account for many of the things I have sampled, and at this point I am more selective.  

Food (my favorite thing to sample!), vitamins and supplements are also easy to come by when obtaining free products, because so many companies are trying to get their products out there. 

A/C Unit Product Test

But there are even bigger products that I get to keep after testing and reviewing. The biggest surprise came recently when I received a window A/C unit to test and review! 

There are so many sources out there, and I am still discovering them. In the meantime, I thought I’d pass along these sites so you can get free things, also!

YouGov – This is one of the only consistent legit sites I found in which you earn ALL points for taking surveys instead of filling out boat loads of info only to be told you don’t qualify. Most of the surveys can be done while you’re sitting around on hold or in between emails. They do test to see if you’re paying attention to the questions, however, so it’s best to really read it and give your honest answers. Within a year of a couple of handfuls of surveys, my points scored a $50 Amazon gift certificate, and I’m very close to my second one. 

Rebaid – Rebaid offers rebates on items purchased from their site through Amazon or other stores. You can often get items for free or nearly nothing. Think Black Friday any day of the year! As of this writing, I have received over $400 in rebates within the past yea

PinchMe Sample Box

PinchMe – On this site, all you need to do is sign up, complete a profile and begin earning points towards a box of free sample items. After doing this for about a year, I have received boxes about three times, but I haven’t spend that much time on it. They send a variety of items relating to food, health, and beauty. 

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