DIY Permanent Hair Removal with Silk n Infinity

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to host another party with Tryazon, a company that matches users with products to sample and demonstrate products for free. If you are selected, you must agree to complete the process of demonstrating and posting pictures/videos and a survey. (Due to Covid restrictions, online parties are the way to go for a lot of us.)

This time, I was able to receive an electronic device called Silk n Infinity to permanently remove unwanted hair! This was exciting to me, as I live in Florida, and I am active outdoors much of the time.

Do not try this with cats. 😉

Shaving can be a huge pain, and going to salons for waxing or sugaring can be costly and time-consuming. The procedure using the Silk n Infinity can save tons of time and money in the long run, because hair removal is permanent! Similar hair removal treatment plans at spas can cost upwards of two to three thousand dollars or more. Now you can do it in the privacy of your own home for a fraction of the cost!

When I unboxed the items, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the box not only included the device, but also a travel carrying case, a headband, and a tube of lotion.


The instructions state to shave the area prior to using the Silk n Infinity device so that the light penetrates the hair follicle. The Silk n Infinity hair removal device is not to be used over dark moles or tattoos. In my case, I wanted to remove underarm hair, so I covered my tattoos with bandaids.

Cover tattoos before using Silk n Infinity

Apply the device to the area, press a button, wait for the light, and move to the next area. Depending on the intensity of the device settings, the feeling is of warmth and a small buzzing snap on the skin. It does not hurt, but users may experience some redness on treated areas. This explains more about how it actually works:

How Silk n Infinity works

Each click of the Silk n Infinity takes a mere couple of seconds, so that most people can do both of their legs in about 15 minutes. This is repeated in a pattern until the entire area is done, every two weeks for several weeks. Depending on the hair type, this can take an average of about six months to a year for thicker hair. After each procedure, apply lotion to keep the skin moisturized, and avoid harsh sunlight for several days if possible. If not possible, wear a high SPF sunblock.


To purchase Silk n Infinity, use the offer code INFINITYSET to get 30% off and free gifts with your order until March 31, 2021:

To apply for Tryazon products and parties:

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