Truly Exciting Grass Fed Butter & Cookies

Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to bake yummy cookies and host a Tryazon party for a company called Truly Grass Fed. If you’ve never heard of Tryazon, it’s a company that I signed up with to try new brands and products for free. Once I signed up, I applied for events as a party host, and the company sent me a party or sampling pack. (Due to Covid restrictions, online parties are the way to go for a lot of us.) As part of the agreement, pictures and video are involved, as well as a survey after the party.

When I discovered I had been selected to host a party for Truly Grass Fed, I was truly excited! First, I am very much into healthy food options, so grass-fed cows are important to me. Truly Grass Fed produces non-GMO cheese and butter from 95% grass-fed cows that roam acres of lush grassland in Ireland. Since there is one cow for every two acres on their farms, they are happy cows producing products that make us happy. Win-win!

star shaped sugar cookie cutter

In the box that Tryazon sent was a stainless steel travel mug as a host gift, 10 large star-shaped cookie cutters from Truly Grass Fed, along with a sugar-cookie recipe to give to party guests. I also received 4 coupons for free Truly Grass Fed butter so that I could host my party, and 10 one-dollar off coupons to give to party guests.

Truly Grass Fed
From Truly Grass Fed

Once I gathered all of the ingredients, the fun truly began! I had to practice with a couple of recipes, which of course is no problem when it comes to baking cookies! Being that I don’t typically bake sweets, this was a real treat for me.

First, I used the basic sugar cookie recipe that came with the Truly Grass Fed star cookie cutter:

Sugar Cookie Recipe

I had to add the butter at room temperature to the sugar (I used brown coconut sugar) and mix until well-blended. The flavor of that was amazing, and so was licking the spoon!

Mixing Sugar and Butter
Sugar and Truly Grass Fed butter

Another thing I changed in this recipe was adding a teaspoon of lavender flowers and lemon zest to the dry ingredients. Once I refrigerated the cookie mix for a while, I rolled it and cut out stars before baking… and they came out absolutely delicious!

Star shaped cookies cutter
Cutting cookies into star shapes
Star shaped sugar cookies
Sugar Cookies made with Truly Grass Fed butter

Another favorite comfort food I’d never tried making from scratch before is pierogis. I found a recipe and used Truly Grass Fed butter to fry them. They came out super yummy!

Pierogi fried in Truly Grass Fed butter

I am happy that I had the opportunity to try this brand, because there doesn’t seem to be too many out there for grass-fed products as I’d like. Truly Grass Fed makes delicious butter, so I will definitely be trying out their other products! To learn more about Truly Grass Fed and to see if they’re in your area, visit their website at:

If you’re interested in trying new products and brands, check out

Stay tuned for some of the recipes I made using Truly Grass Fed butter!

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